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As Jake Tarlow knows, sometimes things don't turn out as you'd like.
You end up living in your car.
Your bookie is going to smash your face in if you don't square up.
Your best friend is obsessed with the Black Dahlia.
Your only way out is a crazy old bastard with one foot in the grave and nothing to lose.

Mark Boone Junior (30 Days of Night, Memento, Batman Begins)
Michael Parks (Kill Bill Vol.I & II, Death Proof) 
Jake La Botz (John Rambo, Animal Factory, Ghost World)

Paul Dillon (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)
Gary Farmer (Dead Man, Powwow Highway)
James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Chinatown, Balls of Fury)
Peter Stormare (Minority Report, Fargo)

Director/Writer:  Joe D’Augustine
Producer: Heather D’Augustine

Director of Photography:  Joseph Montgomery
Composer:  Daniele Luppi



Mark Boone Junior - appears in the film FROZEN RIVER which won the Grand Jury Prize for best film drama at Sundance 08.  He also received rave reviews for his performance in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT last summer.  He recently finished shooting a pilot for FX network entitled “Sons of Anarchy” starring Katie Segal and Scott Glen and created by some of the same people from the TV show “The Shield.”

Michael Parks - is considered by Quentin Tarantino to be one of the greatest actors alive today.

Jake La Botz - is a well-respected blues musician in addition to being an actor.  He is currently appearing in John Rambo with Sylvester Stallone and he recently finished his second Tattoo Across America tour where he performed his music at various tattoo parlors across the country. More about Jake...


Joe D’Augustine (Director/Writer) – ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is Joe D’Augustine’s feature directorial debut.  He has previously worked as an editor and has worked with directors Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey Sr., Michael Cimino and others.  Joe also writes a popular blog on film called Film Forno:

Daniele Luppi (Composer) – Luppi recently finished composing the music for HELL RIDE, produced by Quentin Tarantino which premiered at Sundance.  He collaborated with Danger Mouse and created the arrangements on Charles Barkley’s hit song “Crazy” and also has worked with John Legend. More about Daniele...


“One Night With You” is the title of a book written by one of the film’s main characters Hunter Burnell (played with equal parts style, insanity and humor by Michael Parks).  The title is an acknowledgement of the importance of the book in the story and an ironic play on the plight of Jake Tarlow (Mark Boone Junior) as the caretaker of this crazy writer over the course of one outrageous evening. 

The score for One Night With You features two Italian film music greats: whistler/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Alessandroni, famous for his whistling work on the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone and multi-keyboard artist Antonello Vannucchi, a major contributor to the golden age of Italian film music of the 60's and 70's. The contribution of these great men was made possible by ONWY composer Daniele Luppi. Alessandroni whistles and plays the banjo and guitar on the piece of music that serves as Hunter's theme and Vannucchi plays the organ and other keyboards throughout the picture.

The inspiration for ONE NIGHT WITH YOU came from a childhood incident when Joe D’Augustine’s brother Robbie (then eight years old) sprinkled talcum powder and holy water on their Uncle Ralph.  Ralph was on his way out – despondent from the loss of his wife – but Robbie revived him for one last good year. 

Joe wrote ONE NIGHT WITH YOU with Boone and Parks in mind for the lead roles.

Although different in many ways from the character of Eddie (played to perfection by Jake La Botz), Joe and Eddie share a fascination with the famous Los Angeles murder mystery of the Black Dahlia and the many theories that have arisen since her death.




“A hugely entertaining character study as funny as it’s poignant”
Kim Cooper,     


“Fresh…well-written…genuinely funny”
Jenny Burman,     


“A gritty, funny, and surprisingly touching tribute to a layer of Los Angeles not often explored. This film just has a great 'feel' to it, from the way it was shot to the excellent, excellent score.”


“Fans of Jim Jarmusch are likely to enjoy "One Night With You," a hiply designed and smoothly written combination of film noir and physical comedy from first-time writer/director Joe D'Augustine”
Richard Propes,