One Night With You Stars Boone & La Botz in Recent High Profile Films


Mark Boone Junior (right) in Frozen River

Mark Boone Junior (who plays Jake in One Night With You) appears in the film “Frozen River” which won the Grand Jury Prize for best film drama at Sundance 08.

Jake La Botz (who plays Eddie in One Night With You) is currently appearing in RAMBO with Sylvester Stallone.

Jake, who is also a very talented musician, sings two songs in RAMBO. Below is a clip of Jake performing on his Tattoo Across America tour. His latest album “Graveyard Jones” is great - we highly recommend it. You can get it through his website at:

The song featured in this video, “Lay Down The Bottle,” is from another of Jake’s excellent albums “Original Soundtrack to My Nightmare.”

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